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by | Oct 1, 2013 | Dentures

Good dental hygiene is the key to a great smile. That’s why brushing our teeth is such a important issue from early childhood until our senior years. Regularly scheduled dental appointments make sure that we are having any serious dental problems addressed before it is too late. A yearly thorough cleaning with the dental hygienist is the way to clean tooth surfaces that most people can not get to themselves even with an electric toothbrush.

However, there are times when even our dental appointments and care are not enough. The dentist may inform us that there are teeth that need to be pulled to create space or prepare the mouth for future dental procedures. Those needing Teeth Pulled Martinsburg WV residents trust know and trust say that Acadia Dental and Dentures is the place to go. Here a well trained dental team led by an experienced dentist can perform all dental treatments from basic to advanced treatments.

First one needs to make that all important dental appointment. Whether you make that appointment in person or over the phone, you will be entered into the schedule taking full consideration of your own busy work hours or family time. The dentist will go over your prior medical and dental history to make sure that there are no major hurdles to jump later on. The dentist will do a visual examination of your mouth, charting each tooth. Any dental decay or more advanced problems that need to be addressed will be noted immediately. That thorough cleaning with the dental hygienist can be the next step. Having a mouth and tooth surfaces professionally cleaned makes it easier and safer for the dentist to proceed.

Teeth that need to be pulled may be dealt with at this time if it is deemed an emergency. If this is considered an elected procedure, than it may be better addressed at the next appointment. The doctor will also speak with the patient to let them know what medications and equipment the office has for pain or other associated surgical concerns. Home care after the procedure is very important. Arrangements for the patient’s care and transportation can be taken care of ahead of time.

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