Table Heat Protectors – Understand The Limits Of Your Custom Table Pads

April, 2014 by

People buy custom table pads or table protectors to protect their tables from different types of damage. Table protectors protect your tables from spills, scratches and heat. The upper layers of table pads are produced from water resistant materials, and scratches can be prevented with any thickness or depth of the padding. However, heat protection is a completely different issue. The majority of table protectors are produced with three fundamental layers -; a felt bottom, a vinyl top, plus an insulation or padding layer between. The level of heat protection that your furniture will have is determined by the depth of the padding layer. About half an inch insulation thickness is sufficient to protect your table top from temperatures up to six hundred degrees Celsius.

However, bear in mind that while your table top may be protected from heat damaged, the table protector itself can be damaged by intense heat. The padding layer may protect your table surface from a six hundred degrees cast iron pot recently taken out of the oven, however the vinyl upper layer will almost certainly melt or burn. Then, once that occurs, even though your table surface will still not be damaged, your pad will lose its water proofing quality; also the underside of your pot might be ruined if it is not properly cleaned.

Thus, even though manufacturers of custom table pads tell you that their products can protect your table top from high temperatures; do not forget that the table protector itself may be destroyed. For this reason, always place your pans or pots on hot plates/trivets, even if you utilize a table protector. Table pads shield your table from scratches, nicks and accidental spills, however always remember that the pads themselves are destructible. When purchasing table pads, it is essential to find a reliable firm that looks after their clients. Superior Table Pad Co. Inc does just that. You can visit their website for high quality, custom produced table pads as well as other pads for you home furniture including your coffee table, dining room table, or your workplace furniture like conference tables. Click here for more information.

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