Submitting a Successful Building Permint Application in Miami, FL

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Obtaining a Building Permit Application Miami FL can be a complex process. If the applicant forgets one piece of documentation that can mean that the permit will be rejected. If the applicant begins a project without the necessary permits in place they can face a hefty fine and stop work order. To make matters even more complex, federal, state, county and city officials all have different procedures and submission requirements. Usually one person on a team, often a lawyer is in charge of making sure that the paperwork is filed in the proper sequence at the right office.

However the lawyer isn’t the person that can fill out complex environmental and construction documents. It requires a team of engineers, hydrologists, environmental scientists, landscape architects and architects to complete a plan for just a small residential or commercial development. That plan must then be put in the appropriate format for dozens of different permitting agencies. Each of these agencies has a different authority to review the plan. There can also be a proper sequence of review. One agency must approve the plan before a second agency can act.

A development company can have dozens of outstanding projects under review at any one time. The developer may decide that he wants to focus on the building and marketing of projects. He can hire a permit expediting company to shepherd his projects through the Building Permit Application Miami FL process. The professionals at these companies are often former regulators who helped write and enforce these regulatory processes.

They have a staff dedicated to walking permits to all of the different offices. They are the ones who stand in line to get the appropriate submission stamps on each page of the plan. All of this information is carefully kept in binders and entered into software designed for this process. The developer can check the progress of any of his projects by logging into the company website. Of course there is a project manager that he can speak with at any time. That project manager makes sure that no deadlines are missed and any questions about the application are answered promptly. This ensures the fastest possible path through a complex regulatory maze.

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