Straighten Your Teeth With Invisalign In Bayside, NY

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

Straighten Your Teeth With Invisalign In Bayside, NY

There are but a few lucky people who are born with a future of perfectly straight teeth. This means neither the upper or lower teeth are crowded or bumping into one another. It also means that there are no gaps or spaces because of this natural misalignment. Eventually most of us do require orthodontic correction to realign our bites and make sure our teeth do not overlap or slant the wrong way. Only years ago this meant trips to get braces installed and then tightened on a regular schedule to move teeth into proper position. Braces were heavy silver bands and wires, always noticeable when opening one’s mouth to speak or eat. Rubber bands and head gears would lead to more discomfort and embarrassment when employed by the doctor. Teens and children endured this; adults who needed orthodontic treatment were even more reluctant to get the procedure done.

Invisalign in Bayside, NY is possible and available to patients through the offices of New York Dental Care. These invisible plastic braces are really sheaths molded and placed over your teeth to align them in the least visible way. Being fitted for your invisalign in Bayside, NY takes just a small amount of time spent in the dentist’s office for the initial consultation and fitting. After which, routine visits check on a patient’s progress and necessary upgrades are made to the invisible dental covers. No one will know you are wearing them to straighten and align your teeth if you do not inform them first.

Along with your newly straightened teeth, you can make sure all of your other dental needs are met at these modern dental offices. Utilizing the latest of techniques and state of the art equipment, teeth that need further general or cosmetic dentistry can be taken care of. This includes crowns for teeth that are missing or veneers to cover cracked or chipped teeth. Tooth whitening can be performed in the office so that your newly straightened smile can be flashed at others without stains or darkness. With your newly straight teeth as a point of pride, your smile will be your best advertisement wherever you go.

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