Stabilization in the Market for Homes for Sale in Las Vegas, NV

February, 2013 by

Things are finally starting to look up in Las Vegas. Job numbers are starting to look better and better each month. There have been big gains in leisure services, which for Las Vegas is a huge indicator for recovery. As a result, home prices are beginning to stabilize because more and more people are now able to afford a new home. They may not be able to afford as much as they once did, but they can certainly afford a home again, which is huge for the long term recovery of the Las Vegas housing market.

Having stabilized home prices in Las Vegas will be the single biggest key to improving the number of homes for sales in Las Vegas, NV. Now potential buyers can proceed to purchase a home in Las Vegas with the confidence that they will not be upside down on their home mortgage within a few years. It is that fear that has depressed sales so much. Even if buyers were fully qualified to purchase a home they were actually pretty hesitant to do so because of the fear of falling home prices. For many, it was actually a smart financial move to just rent a home or apartment until the housing market stabilized some.

Buyer’s Market

Today there are so many homes for sale Las Vegas, NV that there is still more supply than demand. With the stabilizing home prices, this should and will tilt into a more favorable balance. More buyers will come in, and the surplus inventory of new homes will shrink. Recovery is on the way, but it will take awhile to reach it. Some analysts are predicting decades of recovery to ever get back to a balance.

Get Experienced Help Finding a Home

To help make an informed decision a buyer or seller is well advised to employ the professional expertise of a real estate agent or company. This should not just be any person. A real estate agent should never be hired until a thorough background check has been made. This includes checking for testimonials and recommendations from previous clients, checking their listing history and past homes sold; the average length of time that these properties remained on the market, and what they charge in commissions.

Most real estate agents do not make it easy to find out what they normally charge for their listing or agent fees are. Commission rates are not always set in stone. Some real estate agents are open to negotiation of their commission rates in order to secure a contract agreement. Now one caveat to all of this is if the real estate agent is both the listing and the selling agent. In this case, they are almost always willing to negotiate since there are less over-all fees involved here.

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