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May, 2014 by Alma Abell

The fun thing about sod is that home owners can install it all by themselves. Sodding Junction City KS has become an everyday activity and home owners are enjoying the instant gratification tremendously. However, there are some considerations before hopping in the car and finding some nice and fluffy green blades. It is no secret that sod is more expensive than seeds, but this comes with good reason. Questions the home owner should ask should involve affordability, how quickly they want results and how much time do they have to spend in the garden.

Sodding Junction City KS does need some guidelines for the home owner who is attempting the installation solo. First of all, the soil needs to be prepared. This usually consists of removing all the weeds and old unwanted grass. It is recommended to do a soil test if the home owner has struggled with growing grass in the past. This is followed by tilling the soil into pea or marble sized pieces. If the soil test reveals a lack of minerals or a need for something else than this would be the perfect time to treat the soil.

The next step for sodding Junction City KS is wetting the soil and using a fertilizer specifically for sod. When laying the strips of sod down a long length then make a note to stagger the strips properly. A roller can be used for some additional pressure, ensuring that the roots make adequate contact with the soil. Once the turf has been installed properly, water on a daily basis. It usually takes 3 -; 8 weeks for the roots to establish.

Do the necessary planning and the lawn will flourish. Of course it will take some time and attention, but compared to planting seeds the wait and effort is dramatically reduced. Sodding Junction City KS looks great from the first day, resulting in an instant gratification. In some cases a great lawn can increase the value of the house in addition to creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Take advantage of sodding and the benefits will speak for themselves.

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