Simple Things To Ask Moving Companies In Raleigh

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Simple Things To Ask Moving Companies In Raleigh

Moving can be a difficult time in anyone’s life but for professional movers it is just another day on the job. While asking very complex and specific questions can help to find the right professional for any move, sometimes the simple questions are the most important to determine the best moving companies in Raleigh.

Homeowners or renters planning a move should interview at least two different moving companies in Raleigh after looking through the options. A good place to start is with personal referrals from friends, neighbors, and coworkers.

Personal references to moving companies in Raleigh are always a great option. This gives you the opportunity to ask why the move was positive and why the company is being recommended. It also allows you to learn more about the services offered by the company in advance of making contact.

In-person Estimates

There are some moving companies in Raleigh that only provide estimates for moves over the phone. This may be a good option and can be effective with very basic moves and small moves.

However, for anyone having a larger home, valuables, special furniture or items, collections, or unusual things to pack an in-person estimate is always the best choice.

This allows the representatives from one or two moving companies in Raleigh to provide a detailed, written estimate including any extra services required for unique moving needs. It also gives the consumer a chance to meet personally with a company representative and get a feel for what the company offers, the level of professional experience and the company’s area of moving expertise.

Ask About Staffing

The best moving companies in Raleigh have the best staff. This includes packers, movers, drivers and office staff. They are all committed to providing the most professional move possible for every client. This starts by knowing their job, treating customers with courtesy and respect, and going the extra mile to ensure a job is well done.

Not all companies require movers to have background checks or specific training and experience before they are sent out to complete a job. To select a company where this will not be an issue look for the ProMover symbol on the company website. This shows the company has committed to customer protection, has completed a background check, and has a great record in customer satisfaction.

In addition, for top Moving Companies In Raleigh look for membership in the North Carolina Movers Association. Membership in these professional organizations speaks volumes about the professionalism and attention to customer service provided by the company.

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