Signs That You Need HVAC Repair in FL

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

When you live in southwest Florida, you need a working air conditioning system. Look and listen for these signs that are indicators of a future system breakdown so you can contact your HVAC contractor before your air conditioner goes out.

One of the first signs that your air conditioner is in trouble is noise. Though your air condition may not run silently, especially if it is an older model, an unusual noise is cause for concern. When you turn your system on and you hear clicking, squealing or banging, make a call to the service center.

Contacting a contractor who is experienced in HVAC Repair in FL as soon as you notice a strange noise can be a lot less expensive than waiting until your system breaks down. If whatever is causing you equipment to click, squeal or bang results in further damage, you may need to replace your entire system.

While a noisy air conditioner is very noticable, there are other signs that may be less obvious. If you find that your home is not cooling evenly, you may have a problem. Your issue could lie within your air ducts. This is often a simple and inexpensive problem to fix. Ignoring the problem may result in unusually high cooling bills because of the lost air within your duct system.

Even if your system is cooling your home evenly, your energy bill can be a good indicator that there is something wrong with your air conditioner. If, by examining your cooling bills, you find that you are using a lot more energy to cool your home even though it hasn’t been significantly hotter outside, your air conditioner may not be running very efficiently. Sometimes, efficiency can be improved with a tuneup or other minor service.

Waiting to get your system repaired almost always results in higher repair costs and may force you to replace your air conditioner before the ending of its average life span. Paying attention to your air conditioner and contacting a service center such as Eco Air Conditioning when you think you need HVAC repair in FL can keep your system running efficiently and save you money on repair bills and energy costs.

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