Should I Buy or Rent a Backhoe?

by | Mar 29, 2014 | Electrical

Backhoes are the all-purpose workhorses of the construction industry. With their backwards-digging buckets and front loaders for scooping and pushing, they can handle a wide variety of excavation and moving jobs. Attachments such as augers, percussion hammers, and grapples increase their versatility. But hiring backhoe operators has gotten increasingly expensive. Businesses and even homeowners who appreciate their utility often get to the point of wanting to purchase their own backhoe. New machines can cost anywhere from fifty thousand to well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, figures that are well outside most budgets unless one owns a construction firm. Used backhoes are far more reasonable in price, at least up front.

In some ways, purchasing a backhoe is just like purchasing a car or truck: maintenance and repair costs need to be added into the purchase price. As you might expect, key replacement parts run into the hundreds of dollars. Do you have the expertise to do your own work on this heavy equipment? If not, you could be talking big bucks for a knowledgeable mechanic. If you want to use it anywhere but your own property, you’ll need a truck and trailer to haul it around. Excavating or moving earth can result in severing underground gas, water or power lines. Again, if you’re using the backhoe outside your own property, you’ll need liability insurance. Hope you can claim a nice chunk of depreciation for your purchase? Remember that a used backhoe won’t bring in as large a deduction. Backhoe Rental in York PA could be your best option.

Contractors frequently chose Backhoe Rental in York PA rather than buying, and why not? They miss out on the depreciation, but they also miss out on the overhead. It’s simple to rent a backhoe for just when you need it. Go easy on yourself by choosing a rental company that delivers directly to your site. Slaymaker Rental and Supply Company carries familiar brands including John Deere and Caterpillar, and a range of sizes including mini-backhoes. For some models you can add the Ho-pac attachment, a compactor with a large production capacity. Select backhoes come with a choice of control systems to suit your ergonomic needs. Plan your projects with confidence that your backhoe will be delivered (and picked up!) on time. Slaymaker’s backhoes will make your job easy, and your budget will thank you.

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