Set Yourself Apart with Business Card Magnets

by | Jun 11, 2015 | Business

The business world can be highly competitive and very subtle things can affect your business. Something like an advertisement can be the difference between being successful and unsuccessful. The old adage says that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is very true. In business, how do we make our first impressions? In the corporate world, you meet someone, make eye contact, shake his or her hand, and introduce yourself. That other person usually looks at your clothing to determine how serious you are about your business. But that customer or potential client only takes one thing with him or her. He or she takes your business card, so it really needs to set you apart from the rest of the corporate world and be very memorable. Business card magnets are a unique way to make a first impression.

Lasting Impression

Most people have quite a few business cards that they have gathered over time. Some people put other people’s cards in their wallets where they get mixed in with debit cards, credit cards, and loyalty cards that rarely get cleaned out. Some women drop them in their purses where they sink to the bottom and get lost until the purse is cleaned. Some people like to place them in the spaces between their keyboard’s keys. Whatever you do with them, you probably get them and don’t think about them anymore. That’s not a very long lasting impression.

Business card magnets are much more likely to be remembered. Chances are, if you get a magnetic card, you will place it on your refrigerator or file cabinet. That means you will see it every time you walk in the kitchen, go to the fridge or open up your file cabinet. You probably do those things dozens of times a day. Don’t you want someone to see your name, logo, and contact information over and over each day?

Multiple Uses

Business card magnets, unlike normal cards, have multiple uses. Rarely do refrigerator magnets just sit on the fridge. Normally, they are used to hold up pieces of paper such as memos, to-do lists, and invitations. Potential clients and customers are more likely to keep your card around if it’s useful.

They are also more likely to keep your card around if it’s unobtrusive. A card that sticks against any metal surface is almost always out of the way.


Perhaps more important than all of the other considerations is that magnetic cards are unique. It is unlikely that any other potential clients will hand out a magnetic reminder of their business. Whatever industry you’re in, you need to be remembered, because as soon as a potential customer has a need for what you sell, he or she will most likely buy from the business that comes to mind first.

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