Selecting the Best Fences in Saint Paul, MN

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Homeowners in St. Paul have a wide range of fencing options available. Chain link, wood, vinyl, aluminum and wrought iron are all commonly used in the region with good results. For many residents, the hardest decision is simply determining which fence is actually the best choice for a specific setting and function. Fencing experts from companies like Dakota Unlimited ( routinely help homeowners analyze the pros and cons of each option.

Choosing the best fences in Saint Paul MN can be complicated by several factors. First, the fencing must match the style of the home and neighborhood to prevent it from clashing with the area’s construction culture. In more eclectic neighborhoods, that may not be a significant issue, but in areas where home styles are homogenous, fencing styles are much more important. In some cases, homeowners’ associations may actually restrict fencing styles. If associations are present, having the regulations available helps in making decisions.

Topography also impacts the types of fences that can be considered. Irregular terrain makes installing and maintaining some fence styles difficult. Fencing experts can explain the various installation issues that should influence decisions.

Maintenance is also a consideration. Wood fencing, as an example, requires frequent staining or painting to keep it in top condition. In areas where access to one side of the fence will be restricted, another lower maintenance option might be a better choice. In areas where structures are close to property lines, metal or vinyl fencing may be more appropriate, as the maintenance issues are not as critical.

Selection of fences in Saint Paul MN may impact the feel of historic districts. Aluminum or wrought iron fencing is often used for traditional or historic homes to retain the look and feel of the home’s past. Aluminum is gaining in popularity, as it is does not require as much maintenance as wrought iron, but both are attractive and durable.

Fencing enhances privacy, keeps pets and children contained, and increases property values. Because the purpose of fencing installations vary, homeowners are encouraged to discuss their specific needs with fence experts to ensure the best options are selected. For more details, click here.

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