Seeking TMJ Treatment in Biloxi

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TMJ Treatment in Biloxi is aimed at addressing the causes that have led to the alteration of the temporomandibular joint, but also leads to improving the symptoms thereof. This is because dentists cannot always cure the cause. The applied therapies could include the following areas: physical or physiotherapy, pharmacological, psychological treatment, surgery and intraoral devices. They can sometimes be applied in combination.

TMJ: A look at the dento-muscular origin

Where there is a malocclusion, treatment will be aimed at correcting this factor. Orthognathic surgery (jaw mobilization) and orthodontics are respectively used in correcting any dental interference, occlusion or bite issues. Pharmacological methods are used, like muscle relaxants and non-steroidal analgesics. Even antidepressants are used in correcting TMJ dysfunction. The role of these drugs is to relieve anxiety, relax muscles, and treat any present TMJ pain.

Physiotherapy, which is meant to improve symptoms from thermotherapy (application of heat) through different methods and cryotherapy (cold application), facial muscle massage, stretching and muscle stimulation for muscle balance and postural hygiene action, is also used. Some of the techniques used are:

* Ultrasound, which is a method of applying intense heat to painful areas, facilitating the reduction of muscle spasms and inflammation.

* Electromyography, which involves applying electric currents and observing muscle activity with a manometer. The patient, in turn, learns to relax their muscles.

* TENS, otherwise known as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, is a device that stimulates nerve fibers that do not transmit pain. It is believed that the resulting stimulus blocks pain impulses that the patient has been feeling.

* Psychological treatments are designed to reduce stress and muscle relaxation.

* Pharmacological and physiotherapy treatments are also used to reduce contractures and associated pain.

* Surgery is also a possibility for TMJ Treatment in Biloxi, but one this is rare.

Health issues

There are cases where patients have underlying issues that cause TMJ. Doctors or dentist will perform tests beforehand in order to see if you fall into that category. If this is the case, be advised that the condition is treatable, even if your other medical conditions are not. Here is a few of the medical conditions we speak of:

* Osteoarthritis

* Arthritis

* Ankylosis

* Hypermobility

There are numerous more underlying issues, so it is important that you speak with your dentist regularly. If you are experiencing jaw pain, you should seek dental treatment immediately. For more information about this and other issues, contact Harborview Oral and Facial Surgery Center today.

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