See Where Your Driving is Taking You With Auto Glass Repair In Colorado Springs

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Automotive safety glass got it’s start as the result of a lab accident in the early nineteen hundreds. A glass flask was accidentally coated with a cellulose nitrate compound that prohibited the flask from shattering when it was accidentally dropped. Unfortunately, this early solution had some flaws which took time to eliminate. In the process of developing and improving a usable safety glass, manufacturers settled on the idea of laminating glass. In essence, they created a clear layer that could bond two pieces of ordinary glass together. For automotive purposes this bond needed to be very strong while not impairing the vision of the driver. Today’s laminated glass is generally bonded using a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layered between two pieces of annealed glass. The glass/PVB sandwich is them pressed between rollers in order to begin the bonding process and remove any possible pockets of gas trapped between the PVB and glass surfaces. Finally, the safety glass is then heated to complete the bonding process before cooling and cleaning.

The safety layer PVB in the glass is what stops the glass from shattering, but there is little that can actually keep the glass from breaking. Most of these breaks are caused by a sudden impact from rock, debris or even other vehicles. In some cases the damage could be a small chip caused by flying pebbles or other road junk tossed by passing vehicles. Tiny chips like these are usually an easy fix for someone skilled in auto glass repair In Colorado Springs. With the correct application of polymer resin and pressure the technician can prevent that tiny chip from spreading across the entire windshield.

Sometimes, really cold nights can cause a chipped window to crack completely leaving you with a windshield that blocks more of the road than the law allows. Impaired visibility is one of the leading contenders in automobile accidents which is why auto glass repair In Colorado Springs is so important. Of course, not all auto glass damage can be repaired as easily as those small rock chips so repair companies like The Body & Fender Shop provide the option of glass replacement. A new windshield may not make a better driver out of you, but it will certainly help you see where your current driving skills are taking you.

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