Secure Storage in Manhattan From a Company you can Trust

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

Studies show that every year in the United States approximately 15 percent of the population moves. Sometimes only to another house in the neighborhood, sometimes across the country. Either way, each of these people must pack up everything they own, load it on a truck and ship it to the next place.

Moving is a hassle and coordinating everything exactly how you need it to go is not always possible. When the timing is off, temporary storage can often be a necessity. This is one of the reasons why storage units have become so plentiful over the last couple of decades. With such a mobile society, there is a genuine need for them.

storage in Manhattan in no exception. It is an important resource for many people. However, you do not want to store all your worldly possessions just anywhere, it needs to be somewhere that you know is secure. Secure from theft and from environmental damage.

In Manhattan there is Little John’s Storage. With over 3 million cubic feet between their two facilities you can be assured you will be able to find the space you need. You will also be able to relax, knowing that all of your items are also safe and secure.

They have security systems in place which include guard dogs, audio and video surveillance and an armed and well-trained security staff. There are thermostatic temperature controls to keep the inside environment safe and pest control systems in place. You can choose between guarded warehouse storage or your own personal storage unit.

The prices are affordable and they are a company you can trust. As a part of big jphn’s moving company they are one of the top businesses who provide moving services and Storage in Manhattan. They have been in business for over 30 years and are able to get people moving every day, day or night.

They offer 30 days of free storage for any clients involved in a long distance move. You can call them for a free estimate on any job. They are licensed by the Department of Transportation and are a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

If you are planning a move contact them and see how they can help to relieve a little stress in your life.

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