Reviewing Family Law In San Bernardino To Establish Divorce Grounds

October, 2013 by Alma Abell

Family Law in San Bernardino is the area of law in which divorce proceedings are conducted. A divorce is either contested or uncontested. In cases where the divorce is uncontested, it is additionally classified as a no-fault divorce. This means that you nor your spouse are contesting any portion of the divorce agreement including the terms in which you have filed for the divorce.

The Grounds for Your Divorce

In divorce cases, the grounds identify the reason that the divorce was filed. In uncontested divorce cases, it is not necessary to provide proof of these grounds. When this occurs both parties have agreed that the reasoning is accurate and do not wish to contest this reason or demand proof. It also means that you and your spouse have come into a complete agreement in reference to child custody, if it applies, and property division. Uncontested divorces are often concluded quickly for this reason.

Contested divorces do require that the grounds are proven. This is especially true if infidelity is the a part of or the primary reason for the divorce. By proving infidelity, it is probable that your spouse will be ordered to pay alimony based on the number of years you have been married. Proof of infidelity requires evidence such as telephone records, recorded conversations, emails, and other forms of communication. It additionally applies to photographic or video proof acquired.

Local Divorce Attorney

Your local divorce attorney is available through the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock. This attorney is familiar with the necessary steps to guide you through your divorce. He will provide advise when major hindrances arise and ensure that your rights as a parent are protected. This attorney will negotiate with your spouse’s legal counsel to ensure that your divorce agreement does not require you to compromise what you truly want. To schedule an appointment with this law firm, you may contact them via their local number listed on their website.


Family Law in San Bernardino applies to any cases related to families. In divorce cases that are contested it is necessary for you to provide proof that back up the grounds for the divorce. This is true of infidelity. In these matters, your divorce attorney will explain to you which evidence is sufficient if you are required to provide proof. He or she will explain which items are admissible and do not violate any privacy laws.

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