Restorative Dentistry: Breakthrough Techniques That Have Revolutionized the Dental Industry

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In today’s world, many people only consider going to a dentist in Boyertown, PA when they are in pain. Modern Restorative Dentistry Burlington  however has revolutionized our health care industry, and many procedures are now available to correct damaged, decayed, and even misaligned teeth. Whether you have misaligned teeth that require braces or over grown teeth that require removal, there are now many solutions to help with your dental issues.

Types of Restorative Dental Techniques

The most common restorative dental technique used today is the dental implant. This is used to correct missing, chipped or recently removed teeth to improve their overall cosmetic appearance. The implants themselves are usually made from titanium, which is then inserted bone, creating a solid anchor for the fake tooth to be inserted. In most cases, the patient is allowed to heal before the implant is inserted, to reduce the chances of infection. The new tooth is usually molded to fit the patients specific jaw type, and it is a great way to have a brilliant looking smile. Many dentists use implants to correct overgrown and crooked teeth that may be causing problems for the patient. As the braces would be unsuitable when it comes to correcting a single tooth, an implant would be used to correct the problem, greatly increasing the patient’s quality of life and improving their overall appearance.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Other commonly used dental techniques are crowns and bridges. Unlike the implant, these techniques are normally used in less severe cases. The tooth is filed down, and a covering is placed over the tooth to give it a natural appearance. This process is normally used when extraction is not required, and the healing time is much shorter when compared to that of an implant. This technique can be used to cover large holes in the tooth that have resulted from trauma, infection, or simply from growing impairments. The fake tooth is made to look natural in comparison to the other teeth, creating a great all round solution to long term dental problems.

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