Repairing Commercial Roofing in Burleson TX

February, 2016 by

When a shingled roof top is allowing moisture into a building, hiring a company that does professional Commercial Roofing in Burleson TX becomes a necessity. If the roof is left in a damaged condition, moisture will continue to get inside possibly causing excessive damage to the entire structure as a result. Mold and mildew can become a huge problem as well. It is important to call a service as soon as a leak is noticed.

The service will get up on the rooftop and see if there is a visible area where water is getting underneath shingling. This is often not a noticeable occurrence, making it necessary for the workers to evaluate the entire surface of the roof for any crevices where the shingles are not intact. This may be done by bringing a hose to the top of the roof. The workers may have one going inside to observe the ceiling area where leaking had been noticed in the past. The hose would be placed in one location for several minutes and then moved to a new location. This will continue until water leaks through the ceiling, helping workers to locate an approximate spot of entry as a result.

The roofing service will assess the condition of the shingles in this area and peel them back from the roof to look at the paper and wood underneath. If any portion is deteriorated, it will be replaced. If the leak is occurring in an area where flashing is present, it will be evaluated for any rusting. Sometimes caulk used to place flashing will become crumbled, allowing water to get through small seams. The flashing caulk can be replaced to alleviate this problem. Lastly, the service will check gutters to see if they are in need of a cleaning. When gutters are full, they can push water into the bottom layer of shingles on the building, leading to leaking.

If someone needs to hire a service dealing with Commercial Roofing in Burleson TX, they can contact a reputable company in the area. Calling Texas Energy Savers can be beneficial as they offer these services at competitive prices.

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