Recover Financially From an Accident With Help From an Accident Attorney in Baltimore

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

9522883_lYou’ve just been in a car accident, and your car is totaled. On top of that, you’ve been injured. The accident wasn’t your fault, yet now your mind is racing trying to figure out what you need to do. When this happens to you, do you know what steps you need to take to recover? Do you know that an accident attorney in Baltimore may be able to help you with the financial aspects of the case?

The first step you need to take after a car accident is to seek medical help. This can mean either a visit to the emergency room or, if your injuries are not too bad or if it is normal business hours, a visit to your regular doctor. A doctor will be able to help you recover from your injuries, as well as let you know if you have more long term or permanent injuries. They can also check you for any unseen injuries as a precaution.

After you’ve seen a doctor, you’re going to need to get your car repaired or replaced. A car repair shop can give you an estimate for the cost of repairing your car, or you can get an estimate of your car’s worth if your car has been totaled and cannot be repaired.

You’re also going to want to think about taking time off of work to recover, especially if your injuries are serious. If you will be unable to return to work, whether for a short or long period, you will want to get copies of your last few pay stubs as well as a notice from your doctor about how long you will need to take off work to recover.

When you have this information, you will want to speak with an Accident Attorney at the Law Firm of Seigel, Tully & Furrer, LLC. Each of these things will mean that you have bills to pay, and if you were not at fault in the accident you shouldn’t have to pay for them. By bringing the paperwork from the doctor, car repair, and your job to your attorney, your attorney can help you get compensation for the financial costs of your accident so that you have one less thing to worry about as you focus on healing and getting back to your life.

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