Property Management Companies Make Sense for Owners and Tenants

May, 2013 by

For property owners, their rental properties are an investment. A Professional Property Management Oceanside can help an owner capitalize on their investment by keeping the property continuously rented, by screening potential applicants who wish to rent, by making sure rent is collected on time, and by making sure that the property structure and grounds are maintained. The property management team fields all the phone calls so the landlord doesn’t get overwhelmed with questions and requests.

Just the marketing aspect alone in advertising vacancies in rental magazines, online databases, and print can be a full-time job in itself. Simply responding to maintenance requests would take a full-time employee. Any property owner with more than a few tenants could easily become completely overwhelmed. For property owners who own large properties, or own multiple properties, who have other full-time jobs in addition to owning their investment property, having a property management company in place just makes sense to protect their investment.

There is always someone available to answer phone calls from people inquiring about rentals, someone available to answer tenant questions, someone to take and dispatch maintenance requests, someone to perform routine property care like mowing the lawn and inspecting the property for needed repairs, someone to handle collecting rent and depositing the checks in the owner’s account, and someone to handle all the marketing. It presents a professional image to the public and potential renters and creates more confidence among current tenants.


For renters, a Professional Property Management Oceanside gives them a contact who is always available. The landlord, or owner, especially if that is just one person and not an entire company with dedicated leasing agents or rental agents, would be unable to keep up with the volume of phone calls from tenants. When the landlord goes out of town, the tenants need something other than just an answering service that they can reach with questions, especially in the case of a maintenance emergency after hours. Having staff members of the property management company available with regular office hours as well as an after-hours line for tenants gives the tenants greater peace of mind, and a reputable and fair management company will gain better word of mouth reviews among other prospective renters.


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