Problems to Watch For With Your Transmission in Mesa

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Problems to Watch For With Your Transmission in Mesa

The most obvious sign of problems with a Transmission in Mesa may be gear slipping. A healthy transmission will seamlessly shift from one gear to the next. There should never be any hesitation. If gear shifting seems to take just a bit longer than it used to, transmission problems may be in play. Another big sign of transmission problems involves the amount of power that it takes to shift from one gear to the next one.

Many people don’t realize that they suddenly have to use much more muscle to shift gears than they once did. Even if the gears shift with no problems and no slipping, it is not normal to have to put a huge amount of effort into shifting gears. Major muscle just to shift means that it’s probably time for transmission servicing, or at least for a fluid change. Transmission fluid should be swapped out on a regular basis. Every vehicle may have different guidelines regarding the fluid change schedule, but anywhere between 30,000 and 60,000 miles is the normal time to change transmission fluid.

A noise when you shift gears is a clear indicator that the transmission is not getting the lubrication that it needs to shift cleanly and smoothly. This is usually when the transmission fluid is low, or when it has broken down. Transmission fluid tends to break down over time if it is exposed to extreme heat. In particularly dry and hot areas like Mesa, this can be a particular problem. Thus, anyone who lives in the hotter states needs to be sure to check transmission fluid regularly. As soon as the levels are low, top the fluid off. If the gears are grinding, see a transmission repair technician who can determine whether the transmission fluid has started to break down, or whether there is another problem.

Most transmission service providers will stand behind their work, so look for a technician that offers this guarantee. This allows you to drive again with confidence. If you have observed any of these problems with your Transmission in Mesa, Visit Shift Right Transmissions to get help today!

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