Preparing A Dog For Pet Boarding In Everett

August, 2016 by

Preparing A Dog For Pet Boarding In Everett

When a pet owner intends to take a business trip, they will most likely need to find someone to take care of their dog while they are away. Many people use Pet Boarding in Everett to take care of their dogs and cats at times when they cannot do so themselves. If a dog has never been to a boarding facility before, it may be a bit frightened with the experience. Here are some steps one can take to help a dog become prepared for an extended stay at a boarding facility.

It is a good idea to have a dog that is trained with basic behavioral commands before they go to a boarding facility. Consider going to a boarding service to see if they offer obedience classes that the dog can take before they go for an extended stay. This will allow the to be accustomed to the language employees use in advance. They would also be familiar with some of the employees when they return for their stay as well.

Bringing the dog to meet other dogs in the community can be helpful in getting them used to social activities. A dog can be brought to a park or for walks with friends or neighbors who have dogs themselves. This will also get them accustomed to being around other people.

When a dog obeys at home, be sure to give them a favorite toy to play with or give them a dog treat. These rewards can be brought to the pet boarding facility when the dog is dropped off for their stay. This way, employees can give them some of their favorite items, so they are reminded of times at home. It is also a good idea to drop off any bedding or a blanket so the dog will feel secure when their owner is not around.

If someone wishes to take a tour of a company that does Pet Boarding in Everett in advance of their dog’s stay, they can give a call to Canine Country Club And Cattery Inc. An appointment can be made to see the grounds and to schedule space for a dog if desired.