Points to Ponder with Landscape Design in Milwaukee, WI

by | Nov 19, 2014 | Landscaping

When it comes to making changes to an existing residential landscape, the process is a little more involved than digging up a few shrubs and replacing them with rose bushes. The goal is to consider how to make the best possible use of the space, what elements can stay, and what needs to be brought in to create the ideal setting for the home. In order to manage the task properly, it pays to engage the services of a professional who understands Landscape Design in Milwaukee WI, very well.

The Assessment Process When meeting for the first time, that professional in Landscape Design in Milwaukee WI, will want to look over the current condition of the space around the home. The goal is to identify the natural elements that are already in place, along with any features like fencing, retaining walls, and walkways that run through the space. The goal is to determine if they can be modified, used as is, or if they need to be removed in order to achieve the look that the homeowner wants. Creating a Story board Many people assume that a storyboard is only used for planning changes inside the home. In fact, many landscapers use this basic tool to create a visual concept of what yards will look like once the landscaping is done. The storyboard may be a traditional canvas with sketches, or it may be created using software and provided in the form of electronic sketches. In either case, this provides the homeowner with the chance to get an idea of what those changes would look like. Starting the Transformation Once all the details of the landscaping project are agreed upon, the professional can get to work on the job.

This will mean removing anything not part of the new scheme, and preparing the land for installation of the new elements. Keep in mind that hiring the professionals at Sitename to take care of the design and installation of the new landscaping will save a great deal of time. What the crew can manage in a matter of hours would take the homeowner days to complete. Thanks to the support, the homeowner can spend more time on other tasks that also need his or her attention.

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