Pest Control Sherman Oaks Experts Discuss Keeping Bugs Out of Your Plants

by | Jan 4, 2013 | Home Improvement

Houseplants are very inviting for pests. From gnats to fruit flies to spiders, pests love getting into houseplants and attacking them. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to lessen your plant’s vulnerability to these pests. Here are some tips from your pest control Sherman Oaks experts to help you maintain healthy and pest-free plants.

Choose Your Plants Carefully

Controlling pests in your houseplants begins before you even get houseplants. Have a plan when you’re buying houseplants because you’ll need to know where they are going to go around your house. One of the leading causes of infestation for houseplants is not getting the proper amount of light. If a plant gets more sunlight than they are supposed to get or if they get less than they should, it places extra stress on the leaves. This leaves the plant more vulnerable to insects and infestation.

Use Sterile Soil

When you are keeping your plants on the inside of your home, it’s best to use a sterile, healthy soil for them. Outdoor plants are fine with other types of soil, but an indoor plant should be in a quality potting mix. You should also make sure there is a drainage hole at the bottom of the plant’s container. Otherwise, poor drainage leads to saturating the roots. This frequently leads to an infestation.

Regular Inspections

If you are monitoring your houseplants, you should be able to notice subtle differences that could mean they have been attacked by pests. Look for leaves that are speckled, discolored or chewed. You can also look for eggs, feces and small skins that have shed from the bodies of insects. These are all signs that insects have infiltrated your houseplant.

Control the Existing Infestation

If you have noticed that one of your plants has taken on insects and pests, call your pest control Sherman Oaks specialist. They can come to your home and spray your plant with a safe and eco-friendly product to kill the bugs within seconds. This is important because it helps keep the infestation from spreading to other plants.

Throw the Plant Out

There will be times when a houseplant becomes so infested that there is really nothing else to do except throw it away. If there is so much damage to the plant and the infestation is significant, it could spread to other plants if you keep it and try to fix the problem.



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