Personal Injury Attorney – Common Mistakes We Make After an Accident

October, 2011 by

Automobile accidents are common types of personal injuries which are caused mostly due to carelessness or negligence. A person suffering an injury caused as a result of an auto accident would require proper medical attention at the earliest. If you know someone – a family member, a friend or a co-worker who suffered injuries caused by automobile accident, you would know how hard it is for the victim as well as for his/her family members to cope with the situation. The cost of medication and treatment would be a lump sum amount which is often too much for them to bear! Further, if the extent of injury caused due to auto-accident is serious, it might take months or even years for the victim to recover back to normal health. This would again, incur substantial financial loss to the victim and their respective families. Hence, people suffering personal injuries caused by accidents, occurring as a result of someone else’s negligence should claim for compensation. A personal injury attorney is the best person to offer sound legal advice and representation to accident survivors/ family members, helping them to get justice from the house of law.

When accidents are caused by speeding vehicles like – cars, buses, motorcycles, or tractor-trailers, there’s enough possibility to get seriously injured. It is usually the negligent driver who’s at fault. However, even carelessness of the pedestrian can cause accidents. People suffering an automobile accident often do not know what to do, whom to seek help from. Most often, they would waste precious time by trying to get in touch with their friends, family members at first without calling the authorities and would even leave the accident spot in hurry, which would further complicate matters for them. While claiming for compensation, all of these actions would be under review. Depending on evidence collected from the spot and accounts given by the accident survivor, the accused and the witnesses (if any) and the investigating officer/officers, the case would proceed towards settlement.

Often people without proper legal guidance and representation fail to get compensation money sanctioned. Hence, a reputed and experienced personal injury attorney must be consulted after suffering an accident, earlier the better! People suffering injuries caused by auto accidents often make other mistakes like – they would give statements to insurance personnel about ‘when’ and ‘how’ it happened or sign ‘authorization’ note for medical records, waste time by calling all friends and relatives and not taking pictures of the vehicle or noting down its number, not correcting misinterpretations in police records (if any) or joining work early without approval from the personal injury attorney. Atlanta has several trusted law firms where expert legal representation is available to personal injury sufferers.