Paving Installation in Overland Park KS and Why it is Beneficial for Homeowners

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Upgrading a home for resale or for the benefit of enjoying the home more, a great way to bring a fresh look is by upgrading the driveway by installing pavers. There are three types of pavers that can be applied after a good base composed of gravel and sand has been laid down.

Types of Pavers

When choosing which paver will be right for the driveway, it is important to know what material is going to be used.

 * The first type of paver used is cobblestone – Cobblestone pavers also are known as Belgian block are made primarily of granite with some basalt and other minerals mixed in. This type of paver has been used for centuries and is said to be the most durable of all the pavers as granite is very tough to break and resistant to stain and weather elements.

 * The second type of paver used is a concrete paver – Concrete pavers are the most commonly used paver as they come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes which gives the homeowner a sense of customization for their home. They can also be removed and replaced easily as they come out individually. When a driveway is poured using straight concrete, there is a curing period. Concrete pavers, however, do not require a waiting period. Once installed, the pavers are ready to go.

 * The final type of paver used is a brick paver – Brick pavers mostly come in gray in the shape of a rectangle, although more colors can be chosen. They have a smooth surface without any gaps or holes in them. When the time comes for laying down the pattern for the brick pavers, they can be cut individually or all at once at the end.

Once a material has been chosen for the driveway, next comes the installation. While it can be done as an individual or as a group effort, hiring a professional who specializes in paving installation in Overland Park KS will make the job go by much quicker with admirable and lasting results.

Hiring a Specialist

There are many advantages for hiring a professional who specializes Paving Installation in Overland Park KS to complete the job at hand. These advantages include saving time and money as multiple tools and materials are not needed, quality work and, ensuring the American Disability Act (ADA) guidelines are met. For more information on paving a driveway, contact us.

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