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Not all people decide to correct their bite, mainly because it is a lengthy process. It requires special care during orthodontic treatment and, of course, patience. If malocclusions are engaged early enough, thanks to modern techniques, you can correct bite at any age. A distinctive feature of this is a more careful selection method and longer-term treatment. But, nevertheless, it is never too late to achieve a perfect smile. Speaking with your Orthodontist in Irving can help you determine what treatment method is best for you.

For occlusions, there are two kinds of devices – removable and fixed. Removable devices are used mostly in childhood cases, as teeth during this period are easily corrected. For adults and adolescents, the non-removable system is applied. This method is of is secured to the dental surface with a special adhesive. They remain on your teeth until the end of treatment. They have wires, which, due to the tension applied, “forces” the teeth to take their normal position. These braces can be made of steel, gold, titanium, and even sapphire.

Even the fact that some of these systems are not visible on the teeth (this refers to sapphire braces), it still does not mean that everyone is willing to go at least six months with the treatment. It is because of this factor in orthodontic practices, lingual braces were introduced. Lingual, or “invisible” braces, are installed on the lingual side of the teeth. This allows the patient to safely smile without others noticing any brackets. To date, lingual braces achieve excellent results in correcting the bite, while throughout the period of treatment, the patient does not feel discomfort and his diction is not violated.

The main advantage of this system is the fact it is invisible. In addition, using lingual braces can correct bite, which cannot be repaired by conventional methods. Of course, there are drawbacks. The most significant is the cost of treatment. But, when you consider that the result of this treatment is a dazzling smile, the cost may not seem so great.

In addition, a need to carefully monitor the condition of the oral cavity is advised. Be sure to use mouthwash, as well. For cleaning hard to reach places, using orthodontics brushes is preferred. Also be sure to comply with all recommendations of the dentist, and regularly visit the Orthodontist in Irving.

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