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April, 2014 by Alma Abell

If you are wondering if your old windows have outlived their usefulness, it may be time to contact Anlin Windows Temecula CA. Years of use can wear out your windows and once a window has sustained a certain amount of wear, it is time to replace it. There are some clear signs that your windows are no longer doing the job that they should be doing. If you feel a draft in your home, this can be due to warped sashes, or gaps that have formed around the window. While a home owner’s first instinct may be to apply weather stripping to the edges of the window, this is nothing more than a temporary fix. The reason for this is that sealants will expand and contract and this will lead to more gaps where the old ones previously existed.

If you are having difficulty opening or closing your windows, you need to replace them. Old style double hung or single hung windows develop balance issues. The balance is the part of the window that keeps the window open and when that part fails the window will not stay up and can suddenly slam shut, without warning. Wood windows & metal windows that have not been painted can rust or rot which can cause them to fail to function properly.

Condensation or fog on the inside of the window can indicate the need for new windows. This is usually an indication of the failure of the seals of the window which allows moisture to enter the space in between the glass panes. This causes condensation on the glass and this means that the window is no longer creating a barrier to the cold air outside. Anlin Windows Temecula CA is a company that deals with window replacement for many different types of homes and home owners. If you want more information about replacing your windows, you should visit the website to see why you should replace your windows. New windows are more energy efficient and cost effective and you may even be eligible for a rebate once you have had these new windows installed in your home.

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