Need Dental Implants in Milwaukee, WI? Here are Some Things You Should Know First

by | Dec 31, 2013 | Dentist

The aim of this article is to list the different aspects that Dental Implants in Milwaukee, WI will provide should you consider implant surgery. Any information given about the process will help you feel more secure and confident in the treatment. This procedure is one of the most coveted in all of dentistry. If you are looking into having this procedure performed, continue reading.

Surgical techniques when placing implants

There are various surgical techniques that can be used in dental implant surgery. Each case presents certain assessments, not only for the placement of the dental implant, but also the different operations available in providing the best benefits. In order for each patient to receive the best care, they must schedule a consultation with the dental professional. This allows both parties to see which procedure is best for the patient.

Placement of dental implants

Depending on the dental implant and the brand of choice, the Implantologist should proceed with placing the dental implant when both parties have decided this is the best route to take. The vast majority of dental implants are provided with a mount for placement. This is a tool that is used to control the placement of the implant, while maintaining sterility. It will be removed after the implant is placed in the desired location.

Currently, Dental Implants in Milwaukee, WI are placed in a mechanical way, being counter-angled for low speeds. This facilitates the process of placing the dental implant, doing so with less trauma to the patient. If the patient has a very hard jaw bone, it is necessary to complete the setting of the implant with something called a “cricket key.” This must be done manually, as to avoid overheating and bone disruption.


Once the implant is placed in the upper or lower jaw, bone osseointegration occurs. At this time, the dentist can load the dental implant prosthetic abutment. Osseointegration of titanium dental implants will usually occur a minimum of 30 days in young people with excellent health, but 90 to 120 days, in the majority of cases. People with softer bones, osteoporosis, smoking habits, and those who consume alcohol may need to come 4-9 months prior for osseointegration.

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