Motorcycle Storage Protects Your Investment

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

If you are the proud owner of a motorcycle, you know just how amazing it can be to hop on your bike and experience the open road. But if you live in a climate that is not so motorcycle-friendly during the winter months – you will want to ensure you are taking every measure possible to protect your bike when not in use. Instead of leaving it in the garage or covered in the driveway where it is prone to damage, look into reliable motorcycle storage. Connecticut bikers are now finding external storage facilities are the way to go in terms of value and protection.

Protect Your Investment
It might be a bit difficult to process the fact your bike will not be right there in the garage, but motorcycle storage is truly for the best. These professional facilities offer around-the-clock video surveillance and maximum security to ensure your investment is always protected. In addition, these units are clean, and some are even climate-controlled. It is NOT the dark, damp concrete cell you may be picturing in your mind, and it is truly the best way to protect your investment.

No Harsh Weather
Your bike may look tough enough to handle anything, but even with a cover, it is prone to damage from harsh weather. Connecticut has been known to have some crazy weather, so why put your bike at risk for damage from the heat or cold? Motorcycle storage will not only shield it from conditions like snow, rain, and hail, but it also provides an added layer of protection during extremely hot or extremely cold days.

No Hidden Fees
It is also important to know that storage options are available with clear and concise payment options. If you feel like you are falling victim to fine print – go somewhere else! Lease terms are available in Connecticut that are flexible and convenient, and pricing is always clear and upfront. Whether you want to protect your bike only during the winter months or you want the convenience of being able to store your bike away at any time – you certainly will not regret investing in safe, reliable self-storage.

Check Website to find out more about Alpha Self Storage’s reliable options. Payments start the day you move your bike in and stop the day you leave. There is no fine print when you choose to protect your investment with Alpha Self Storage.

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