Medical Supplies in Lincoln, NE to Help Seniors Live Independently

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Just because someone is advancing in age, doesn’t necessarily mean they can no longer take care of themselves, or continue living in their own homes. If one is healthy, there is no reason to move into a nursing home or a seniors’ home. In many cases, all that is needed are a few modifications to their homes to allow them to stay where they are most comfortable and happy.

There are all kinds of ways that homes can be modified to make life easier for seniors. Many of the things that are needed, including Medical Supplies in Lincoln, NE, can usually be purchased at discount medical supplies stores. If someone has any physical limitations, there are a number of products they can have installed that will ensure that they can still get around their homes easily.

One of the main rooms of the home that needs to be modified for seniors is the bathroom. Even for younger people, most accidents in the home do occur in the bathroom, and it is more common for seniors to have slip and fall accidents. Grab bars should be installed beside the tub and toilet. They should be at a height that is comfortable and easy to reach, so seniors can use them to lift themselves from the toilet, or into/out of the bathtub. Hand-held shower hoses are also good to have, because they allow people to sit down while showering.

Another area of the bathroom that needs attention is the floor. Bathmats are not a good idea, unless they have rubber backings so they are slip-proof. If floors are slippery, there are ways to fix this without changing the flooring. Special non-stick paints can be used, as well as adhesive decals and non-slip ceramic tiles. Bathrooms need to be de-cluttered, so there is nothing for anyone to trip over.

Many of the things needed to modify bathrooms and other parts of the home can be found where medical supplies in Lincoln, NE are sold. The easier homes are to live in, the easier it is for seniors to stay in their own homes and maintain their independence.

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