Marriage Counseling can help your Relationship survive an Affair

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Marriage Counseling can help your Relationship survive an Affair

An affair can tear a couple apart and sometimes can actually make them stronger. Marriage is tricky as it requires patience, attention and devotion. Sometimes people still love each other and make a single mistake whereas other times it goes beyond a single mistake and this can be far harder to survive. The Marriage Counseling Arlington Heights IL couples seek can help save a marriage even following an affair.

Understanding Love

One of the most difficult things to understand following an affair is that it is possible for someone to betray you but still love you deeply. There are events that can take place and one act of bad judgement does not always mean the love in the marriage has gone. It is hard to not separate after they have had even one indiscretion, but this is allowing what can be years of a life together to be ruined by one error in judgement. Only you will know if you can get past the affair and sometimes it takes marriage counseling to make you see you do love your spouse and would like to work together to heal and move on.


Trust is the foundation of any relationship. When someone chooses to have an affair the hardest part is sometimes coming to terms with the actual betrayal. Some people understand the concept of temptation, but it is the betrayal they cannot get beyond. When someone has an affair there is much lying involved. It is hard to cope with not only because of the lies to you, but the lies to your children as well. The breaking of trust in a relationship can be very difficult to overcome. You may think you have forgiven your spouse because you are still together. However distrust will eat away at your relationship and continue to break down your faith they will not cheat again.


It might also be very hard to believe your spouse is sincerely sorry for their actions and truly cannot live without you. So many factors can lead to an affair or indiscretion, but if your love is strong it is possible to get past the affair and have an even stronger marriage as a result of your ability to forgive and move on.

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