Making Arrangements for Funeral Services in Port Jefferson, NY

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Funerals are meant to give meaning and closure to a life, and they are a chance for friends and family to remember their loved one while offering each other love, comfort and support. It can be emotionally, legally and financially difficult to plan a funeral–if you Click here and follow the steps below, you can plan more effectively.

1. Think ahead: If you have a terminal illness, or just like to be prepared, self-planning may be right for you. Not only can you plan your funeral years ahead of time, you can pay for it as well. If you’re a caretaker for someone with a terminal illness, you can plan in advance to avoid the difficult combination of grief and funeral planning.

2. Pay for burial: Paying for a funeral ahead of time may be an appealing option to those who don’t want to leave a burden on their loved ones. You don’t have to buy a prepaid funeral plan, but can still set money aside in a POD (payable on death) account at a local bank. Name a beneficiary who will handle your funeral arrangements, and that person receives the funds at the time of your death.

3. Tell family about your wishes: If you are planning your funeral, talk to your family so they will know what you want. We recommend that you talk to your lawyer before finalizing any plans, and we also recommend that you keep a written record close at hand so it’s there when it’s needed.

4. Call a funeral home: Like other things in life, it’s possible to comparison-shop for funeral arrangements. Contact funeral homes in your area, and ask for written information on the cost of services and merchandise before finalizing your plans.

Donations vs. Flowers

Most funeral guests will either send or bring flowers, unless you instruct them otherwise. If you’d rather see that money go to a favorite charity, ask that the request be added to your obituary, and tell loved ones of your wishes. You can ask that donations be sent to the hospice who cared for you or your loved one, or a charity to which regular donations were made during life. Funeral Services in Port Jefferson, NY are about remembering the person who has passed away, and if they are tailored to that person, they will be remembered for years.

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