Make the Most of Your Vacation – Plan Tours in Maui

by | Jun 11, 2014 | Travel & Tourism

Maui is notorious for it’s lush landscaping and beautiful beaches. This island is the second largest of the Hawaiian islands and offers unparalleled views and scenic expeditions. Why not make the best of your visit and see all that there is to see?

Perhaps one of the best ways to view the island of Maui is by helicopter. These tours allow you to have unobstructed views of the island’s waterfalls, rain forests and volcanoes. These tours are often done during the late afternoon and last about an hour. While this is one of the most costly of the Maui tours, it is certainly worth the expense to see the island from the sky.

Another one of the most popular tours in Maui are the cruises. These tours offer a beautiful getaway and allow one to see the exquisite Maui coastline from the water. Dinner cruises offer one of the best opportunities to see Maui’s spectacular sunset. They typically include dinner, drinks and live entertainment. These tours usually last between 2 and 3 hours and make for a nice romantic excursion.

For the more adventuresome visitor, a whale watching tour might be more your speed. These tours last around 2 hours and include a narrative on Hawaiian wildlife and whales. Keep in mind that this particular tour is seasonal – the whales are seen in Maui during their mating season from December through May when they make their way from Alaska. If you’re traveling during the whale breeding season, this is sure to be a cruise that you wouldn’t want to miss. Click here to investigate more about the Humpback whales and their mating season.

Lastly, the snorkeling tours in Maui are some of the most talked about adventures on the island. These tours take you into the breathtaking coral reefs to see some of the most fascinating sea life in the world. The glass bottom boats that are used for these tours allow you to enjoy the sea creatures from the comfort of the boat. Snorkeling experience is not required for this trip as the guides will teach you what you need to know before you get started. The snorkeling equipment as well as breakfast and lunch are often included on these tours.

While visiting Maui, be sure to soak up all that this beautiful island has to offer and book your tours today.

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