Living Oceanside, full time or part time

August, 2013 by Alma Abell

As one travels the world; whether Cape Town, Malibu or Newquay, the one common denominator is that the ocean view properties for sale in Cornwall and other parts of the world are by far the most spectacular and desirable of all the properties that are available. The best ocean view properties come with miles of free beach, grand doses of sunshine and excellent climates.

One really needs to close their eyes and imagine being in their own apartment, duplex, terraced house or detached house. From the windows a 180 degree view of the sea is there to greet you day and night. The 14 high spec apartments offer stunning views of the coast. There is little doubt that living in one of the ocean view properties for sale in Cornwall either full time or as a luxury weekend retreat is ocean side living at its best.

Everyone knows that the oceans of the world play a hugely important role in our lives, with 97% of all the water on the earth in the oceans; it is a tremendous source of oxygen and home to nearly 80% of all living things. People who live near the ocean will swear that lives are enhanced by sea side living. There is a certain feel of wonderment and it is a long proven fact that sea side living provides benefits that are simply not available elsewhere.

Just listening to the waves crashing into the shore reduces a person’s stress level, the repetitive, never ending motion and sound of the waves tends to create a meditative state, the results are a certain inner peace, the ability to concentrate better and enhance creativity. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why so many people of great artistic ability ether live by the sea or spend hours by it painting and writing?

We started by discussing well known cities, there are hundreds of unknown sea side towns ticked here and there that are home to retirement villages. As the waves crash into the shore, air literally break into an over abundance of negatively charged ions. Where else can you find the offset to positively charged ions which are also known as free radicals?

There are so many benefits to buying a unit at Ocean Views.

Island Reach, located on Island Crescent in Cornwall is but one of the. Currently under development by Vertogroup Developments.

ocean view properties for sale in Cornwall


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