Life Can Return to Normal with Physical Therapy

by | Oct 26, 2018 | Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is perfect for people of any age with injuries, medical conditions or illnesses that tend to limit the ability to function and move. A good physical therapist in Westhampton Beach area can be contacted at Achieve Medical Healthcare. Schedule an appointment to discuss your medical condition and get a customized physical therapy plan put in place that can help you start living a normal life again. You will be able to function better, enjoy activities that you are no longer able to participate in and literally restore your lifestyle.

Do You Want to Eliminate or Reduce Pain?

Did you know that therapeutic treatments can actually eliminate or reduce pain? Manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercises like soft tissue and joint mobilization or treatments like taping, ultrasounds and electrical stimulation are used to relieve pain as well as restore joint and muscle function. Those types of therapies are also known to prevent pain from being able to return. Ultimately physical therapy can help to avoid surgery. When pain is eliminated it can become easier to heal, as well.

Improve Your Mobility

A lot of times physical therapy is used to improve mobility. Do you have trouble standing, moving or walking? If so, physical therapy is known to help since it includes exercises for strengthening and stretching. It can literally restore the ability to move. Your physical therapist will also be able to properly set you up with crutches, a cane or other types of assisted devices so you’re able to move safely. If you need an orthotic prescription a physical therapist can prescribe them once they have assessed your situation. You will receive a customized individual care plan with activities that help you grow stronger and can be practiced as well as adapted to ensure maximum safety and performance.

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