Learn How You Can Be A Surrogate In California

by | Mar 10, 2014 | Surrogacy

If you’re a healthy female and you want to help families who cannot have a baby of their own, you can Be a surrogate in California. Before embarking on this rewarding adventure, you probably have many questions about the process. Below you’ll find the answers to some of the most common questions about becoming a surrogate mother.

Q.) Will I get to meet the parents that I am being a surrogate for?
A.) Not only will you get to meet the parents, but you’ll get to choose the parents of the baby you’re having. You’ll be matched up with several couples and after meeting with the couples that you feel are a good match, you’ll ultimately get to choose the lucky couple yourself.

Q.) How can I be guaranteed that I am paid for being a surrogate?
A.) After you and the parents sign the contract, the money is put into a trust that the company holds for you. The money is released to you as you need it for medical visits and after the baby is born, you’ll receive your payment for being a surrogate.

Q.) Will I have any contact with the parents during the pregnancy if I want to Be a surrogate in California?
A.) After your initial visit, you and the parents can communicate as much as you’d like. Many surrogates and parents speak at least every two weeks for updates on the pregnancy. Parents often want to join the surrogate mothers on their doctor visits and especially during the ultrasound. The parents will also want to be at the hospital when the baby is born.

Q.) How long after the birth will the parents take the baby?
A.) When the baby is ready to be released from the hospital, the surrogate parents will take their baby home. Most surrogate mothers and parents stay in contact with each other even after the birth. The parents will share updates and photos with you for many years afterwards.

The Center For Surrogate Parenting, Inc. offers information on becoming a surrogate mother or a surrogate parent. Visit their website at Creatingfamilies.com to contact this agency to become a surrogate or to find the perfect surrogate mother to complete your family.

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