Keep Your Home Cool With Professional Air Conditioning Service in Los Angeles

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

4531535_mLiving in warmer climates such as Southern California and especially Los Angeles often requires the use of air conditioning or other comfort appliances. Of course, how you cool your home is a personal preference, but the most common cooling appliance in use today is the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. An HVAC is a multipurpose unit with a furnace to provide warm air on cold days and an air conditioner to keep the building cool on hot days. This system comes in two large cabinets with one being placed outside the home and the other placed inside, usually in an attic or a custom built closet.

The external unit houses the condenser system, a coil and a fan which is used to release any heat transferred from inside the home. This is the component that is often in need of air conditioning service in Los Angeles because the condenser works hard to keep the refrigerant under pressure. It is this pressure that helps the coolant cycle through the system so it can pick up any heat around the evaporator coil.

The interior cabinet houses the furnace portion of the HVAC as well as an evaporator coil and a blower. As the coolant is circulated through the evaporator coil it collects any residual heat around the coil. This process chills the coil and that chill is transferred to the air as it is forced through the fins of the coil. The blower then pushes the chilled air throughout the home causing the air inside the house to circulate. As the air moves through the home the warmer air follows the draft into the HVAC.

Perhaps the most important aspect of keeping your HVAC functioning properly is the application of regular maintenance and annual air conditioning service in Los Angeles. This service typically includes testing the appliance for proper function and ensuring the refrigerant is at a peak level. In most cases this service should also include cleaning the internals of the appliance. This cleaning may include removing the evaporator coil and washing it in an acid bath so all the gunk between the fins is removed. You can learn more by contacting a professional like Grand Heating & Air Conditioning.

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