Installing a Countertop Dos and Don’ts

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 When it comes to installing a Countertop for RhinelanderWI the first thing to do is to install the cabinets. This will be the foundation for where the new countertop will rest. There needs to be extra care taken to ensure that all of the tops of the cabinets are smooth, level, and even with one another. This needs to be double checked at multiple points because it is very hard to fix once the countertop is resting on top of the cabinet.



Then next thing to do is to check the walls. They need to be measured to ensure that they are all square or if there is an angle, the angle is perfectly matched by the countertop. If the walls need to be sanded or smoothed, this needs to be done before the countertop can be placed on top of the cabinets.


After checking the walls and the cabinets to make sure everything matches, the next step is to create a cutout template. This can be done with craft paper or drafting paper. An outline of the edges of the cabinet need to be traced. Marks need to be made where each of the holes should be on the countertop for items like the sink, faucet, or cooktop. This has to be very precise, as well.


Now with these measurements in hand the next thing, to do is to contact a countertop company to have them make a custom cut to the exact specifications that were measured. They will then take those specifications and create the custom countertop. Now a lot of companies will actually come out and do the measurements for their customers. This is fantastic if the service is offered. They will measure, cut, and even install the Countertop for RhinelanderWI customers.

One thing to keep in mind when installing a new countertop for a home is to think about the backsplash. Not every person cares for one, but it can have a nice dramatic effect. For any customer who wishes to have a backsplash they need to mention this at the time of purchase for the countertop. That way the countertop company can do an exact match of the countertop and backsplash.

A lot of people try to do the whole process of installing new cabinets and countertops on their own. It can save a person a lot of money this way. One thing that most people will suggest is that they at least hire a professional company to come out and measure and install their new countertop. They are extremely heavy, especially stone countertops. One slip and a crack and the entire countertop is ruined. A business is at least insured.

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