Information on Emergency HVAC Repair in Nassau County, NY

by | Dec 2, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Everyone wants to be cool and comfortable in their homes. When the weather is hot outside, it can make the inside of your home even hotter. A hot home can not only be miserable to live in, but it can actually make your family ill. They can suffer with heat exhaustion and breathing difficulty. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable. If your HVAC system suddenly goes out, it is important to have it repaired right away. Through an Emergency HVAC Repair in Nassau County, NY, you can have your system evaluated and repaired quickly so your home can be cooled again.

Knowing when to call the emergency repair service is important. These signs can alert you there are major issues with your system and quick repair may allow you to avoid expensive repairs or even a complete replacement. When these warning signs occur, it is imperative to contact the repair company right away.

1. If your system freezes up, this can mean there are major issues. It could mean you need a refill of Freon or you could be experiencing other issues. When freezing occurs, you need to make sure you shut your system down and call the technician right away. You should never run your system when it is frozen or you could cause the system to break down entirely.

2. When your system is making unusual noises upon start up, shut down or while running, you need to have it looked at. This could mean you have parts loose or broken. It could also mean you are having other issues. By contacting a repair technician, your issues can be checked right away so they are fixed, helping you to avoid further issues with your system.

3. An AC system that is not blowing out cool air needs to be repaired. When your AC system only blows out hot air or does not blow out any at all, this can mean there are major issues with the system. Through the Emergency HVAC Repair in Nassau County, NY, you can have these issues looked at, diagnosed and repaired.

If you are experiencing any of these signs or are having other issues with your HVAC system, contact ETNA Prestige Technology. They can provide you with repair and replacement services to meet your every HVAC need.

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