Information on Dentures in Ripon, WI

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

Have you lost your teeth to a gum infection or cavities and are finding it difficult to chew your food or feel confident in smiling? If so, you are not alone. Gum disease and cavities affect millions of people each year. Many people end up losing all of their teeth in the process. If you have no teeth, it becomes extremely difficult to chew your food and you will most likely be stuck on a soft foods diet. To improve your life, there are dentures in Ripon, WI. Dentures can replace all of your missing teeth, giving you a smile to be proud of and the teeth you need to be able to chew food and actually enjoy eating again. Through your dentist, you can receive a pair of dentures to perfectly compliment your gum structure, so they provide a great fit.

What Is the Process for Getting Dentures?

To start the process in getting dentures, you will need to be examined. If you have any teeth left, these will be pulled by the dentist. The dentist will need to carefully examine your gums, to make sure there are no issues with their health. If you have lesions or gum disease, you will most likely not be a good candidate for getting dentures. Once the dentist is sure your gums are healthy, impressions will be made of your mouth. This creates a special mold of the shape of your gums, so it can be used to create dentures just for you.

Your dentures will be created in a special dental lab, through specialists who are highly trained in creating dentures. They work to ensure your pair of dentures fits well and looks as natural as possible. The dentist will perform a final fitting once your dentures are complete. He or she can assist you in feeling comfortable with your new dentures and getting used to them. In the beginning, you may feel some discomfort from your dentures, but you should never feel pain.

If you would like to learn more about dentures, contact Silver Creek Dentistry and make an appointment. They can provide you with the dental care you need, to keep your oral health at its prime.