Improvements Offered by Modern Garage Door Openers in Tinley Park

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Most garage doors can be lifted by one person without much trouble, but that doesn’t mean that this is a preferred method for opening and closing them. Manual operation leaves the user stuck out in the rain and snow, and even in good weather, it adds an extra step to an operation that can easily be mechanized. Therefore, many people choose to install garage door openers in Tinley Park.

When you look for new garage door openers from a company like AR-BE Garage Doors Inc., you’ll find that two types are commonly available: Chain drive and belt drive. Belt drive openers are best for people who are looking for quieter operation, a lower vibration level, and fewer moving parts. Chain drive openers are better for people who seek high durability, dependable operation, and a low cost.

Modern garage door openers typically include a wide range of safety features to prevent crushing injuries and mitigate security risks. A laser sensor detects if anything is in the way of the door and reverses the motor to the opening direction if a person or object is sensed. This is backed up by a pressure sensor, which will also cause the door to open if it bumps into something other than the floor.

Lighting is also typically included with popular garage door openers in Tinley Park. These lights automatically activate when the door is triggered to open and remain on for a set time afterward. In some models, the duration of the lighting can be set by the user.

Garage door remote control systems have also become safer. In this case, the safety features have to do with security. Good, modern openers will only work with the garage doors they are assigned to at the factory. This makes it so that criminals can’t just drive down the street with a set of remotes for popular brands and use the process of elimination to open your door. If you have an older garage door system that doesn’t have this security, this alone is a good reason to upgrade.

With all of these improvements to garage door opening systems, there’s no reason to step out of your car on a cold winter’s day to fiddle with your door. Put in a door opener so that you can stay inside your warm automobile from the start of your journey until the end.

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