Impacted or Missing Teeth? A Dentist for Oral Surgery can Help

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

While people need and want good dental care, they are very busy and don’t have time to deal with many different specialists. Therefore it’s very helpful that Robert Hankel and Chris Ehrbright, D.D.S. have set up a practice where they provide many different services for patients of all ages. They spend time teaching their youngest patients how to care for their teeth at home, because they want to establish good lifetime dental habits. When senior citizens arrive, they gently deal with their concerns about making the transition to dentures.

Often a Dentist For Oral Surgery is needed to help with the dental treatments offered at the Hankle and Ehrbright dental practice. Young adults and teens often face the prospect of having impacted wisdom teeth removed. This can be their first experience with surgery. Knowing their dentist makes this procedure far less stressful. The practice has state-of-the art equipment and a skilled support staff necessary to complete this procedure and keep the patient comfortable.

Dental implants are now used to both replace missing teeth and anchor dentures in place. They have become an important tool to give patients back their smile and confidence. This procedure involves the Dentist For Oral Surgery inserting a titanium shaft into the jawbone of the patient. Prior to this action the dentist uses sophisticated x-rays to examine the patient’s jaw. This allows him to insert the implant into the proper location and to avoid the nerve endings in the area. After about 8 weeks, the jawbone fully incorporates then implant into the jaw and is healed. The dentist then places a crown on top of the implant. The result is as a realistic as a natural tooth. It will last for many decades with the right dental care.

Seniors may fear that their dentures will slip or even fall out when they are eating or talking in public. Dentists now use dental implants topped with small metal balls to hold them in place. There are slots in the bottom of the dentures that match the location of the metal balls. In the morning the denture wearer takes their clean dentures and snaps them into place. They stay secure the entire day and the patient can live their life with confidence. Get in touch with us for more INFO!

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