How to Separate Good Movers in Tacoma WA from Bad Ones

June, 2014 by Alma Abell

The moving service industry is replete with customer complaints, as some people do not spend enough time learning more about these companies. Moving companies that maintain a high standard have done their best to repair the image, but there are still cases that leave customers fuming. Residents of Tacoma can avoid problems by simply looking for a moving company that is known for providing quality service. Some of these businesses ensure that their employees are trained to handle household and commercial items with the utmost care. Some well-established movers in Tacoma, WA will also provide you with storage space if you need it.

One of the first signs of a professional moving company is the way it handles the process of preparing an estimate. The only way to fully determine how much a moving job will cost is to look at all the items in question. Any business that attempts to provide an estimate based on a rough idea of your belongings might not be trustworthy. Remember that the estimate is a binding document, so the service provider must be thorough in its preparation. Both parties must agree on any changes, and this should also be put in writing. You can check two or three movers in Tacoma WA, but do not focus on the cheapest rate even if you want one that suits your budget. A rate that is too low could be an indicator of poor service.

Any professional moving company should have more than just a website. It should have phone numbers, and there must be a physical location even if you do not plan to visit the company. Be sure to review the estimate or any other document provided by the mover. Do not hesitate to ask for information that will prove that they are authorized to provide this type of service. Every mover must be fully licensed and insured to carry goods for residential or commercial customers. If you have never dealt with a moving company before, the website  might be helpful. It will show you what kinds of services you can expect from these businesses.

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