How To Make Sure Jewelry Is Really Vintage

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There are many reliable vintage jewelers in Louisville who can help you determine whether or not a piece of jewelry is authentic and truly vintage. While you can often rely on the expertise of these jewelers to help you determine whether or not a piece is vintage, you can also become familiar with some basic tips. Being informed of some of the basic ways to tell vintage jewelry from an average piece can help you make better decisions when you go shopping for these authentic trinkets.

Vintage jewelry is made up of many different kinds of materials. There are various kinds of metals, jewels, stones, and minerals that make up a piece of authentic jewelry. Understanding what materials are constructing the piece of vintage jewelry you are holding can not only help you determine the value of the piece, but also what era it may have come from. Jewelry from certain periods of time is often characterized with certain metals or jewels that can set it apart from other pieces.

Each piece of jewelry is fastened differently. Another way to tell what period your piece may have come from is to look at the clasp that is fastening the jewelry together. There are “C” latches, barrel clasps, screw backs, and riveted hinges to name a few of the different fasteners you may come across. Vintage jewelers in Louisville can help you determine whether or not a clasp is original. They can also help you pinpoint the era of creation based on what kind of clasp is holding the piece together.

Vintage jewelry features gems that were hand cut using meticulous procedures that took painstaking amounts of time to complete. Looking at the cut of the gems in your piece can help you determine whether or not a piece is actually vintage. If a piece appears to have a modern cut, it is not antique and you may want to disregard it. You can always ask a qualified jeweler if you are unsure of what cuts characterize a true vintage gem.

One of the most common ways for vintage jewelers in Louisville to tell certain pieces of jewelry apart from others is to look at the style of the piece. Certain periods of time throughout the world’s history are characterized by style. Taking a detailed look at the style of a piece can help you determine the history and value.

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