How to Maintain Floors in Beavercreek

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

Once you are done with the floor installation, you cannot begin to move back your furniture just yet. You need to do some cleaning before you can do this. For a vinyl floor, all you will need is warm water, natural detergent and a damp cloth. If you have wood or laminate floors in Beavercreek, you will simply need to remove any dust or dirt with a brush, and then use a dry cloth to get to the stubborn bits. After the cleaning is done, you can begin to move back your furniture.

The thing about floors in Beavercreek is that they need constant care and cleaning. It is never a good idea to leave the cleaning for a few times a month. This is because dirt can become ingrained into the floor the longer you leave it for. It will be better in the long run to do some quick cleaning regularly to ensure that you floors remain in good condition, and last for a long time.

To clean vinyl floors, you can begin with a quick sweep using a soft brush or alternatively use a vacuum. You should then use water and a neutral detergent for the final clean. Do this regularly and you will have your floor in top condition for a long time. Another type of floor that requires maintenance is laminate. You can use a dry mop to wipe, or again use a vacuum. You should also wipe the floor with a damp cloth every so often (every couple of weeks). A dry mop should then be used to wipe down the floor once the cleaning has been done.

Wood floors require regular sweeping with a broom, or buffing with a cloth. You can also use a damp cloth to clean the floor every once in a while. Be sure to use cleaning products that are especially made for cleaning wood floors, preferably green or eco-friendly products. You can get more maintenance tips on floors in Beavercreek at The Carpet Store, as well as a range of flooring and installation options. This trusted flooring dealer is well suited to cater for all your flooring needs.

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