How to know when you need transmission repair

by | Nov 7, 2013 | Automotive

Transmission repair can be costly and you will need to have your transmission fixed as soon as possible at the first sign of trouble. This will avoid exacerbating the issue by continuing to drive a car that has a faulty transmission. However you may be wondering how to tell whether or not the transmission in your car needs to be replaced. By understanding and recognizing the first signs of transmission trouble, you should be able to fix your car in time and ensure its optimal performance.

A leaky car

Is there a wet spot in your driveway after your car has been idling? Does your car seem to leak everywhere you go? A leaking car is never a good sign and in fact this could mean there is trouble with the transmission. The first step to take at the sign of a visible leak is to contact your mechanic right away. Although it may be possible to drive the car in that condition, the vehicle may break down on you at the worst possible time. To avoid this major inconvenience, it is best to seek the services of a mechanic for your transmission at the first sign of any leaks.

Trouble shifting gears

If you notice your car is having trouble shifting gears, this is also an indicator that you may have a faulty transmission. If you can’t shift into first gear to get your car started and you need to start it up in second, third, or even fourth gear instead, then you will want to have your vehicle looked at by a competent professional who can accurately diagnose the source of the transmission trouble. Waiting too long to take your car in for repairs could damage your care severely. Even if you depend heavily on your car to get back and forth to work, you will need to find a way to get it to the shop at some point. Some repair shops will offer you free transportation to and from their location for your convenience.

Strange Noises

In the event that your vehicle is emitting strange noises, there could be a variety of things wrong. Some cars make different sounds but you can tell at a moment’s notice when something sounds really off. There is no real way to determine just by listening whether or not the reason for the sound is that the transmission is at fault. However a thorough inspection performed by a mechanic will yield the best outcome.

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