How to Get the Best Deals on Auto Body Repair

by | May 17, 2013 | Automotive

Any time you are in an accident that requires getting body work done on your vehicle, it can cause the worry that you are going to spend a lot of money for repairs. Depending upon where you take your car for repairs, even the smallest dents may be quite expensive. However, if you know how to bargain shop, there are ways to get auto body repair work done without paying an outrageous price for it.

The first step to possibly saving money on repair work, is to ask around. Mechanics will tell you themselves that word of mouth is their best form of advertising. Ask your family, friends, and neighbors who they have found is the best and most affordable car repair person to hire for body work. This not only gives you an idea on prices, but you will also get to hear a lot of opinions on which garage has the highest quality of work. When you are talking about the work people have had done on their vehicles, it’s personal to them. You can rest assured they are going to tell you the truth about who they like and who they don’t.

Once you have gotten a few names of different auto body shops, it’s time to go see them. Nearly all service garages will give you a free estimate before they do any work. Collect these estimates from each and every one of them. Then take them home and decide which ones you are most interested in hiring.

When you have narrowed it down to two or three body shops, call the one that was said to do the best work by your family and friends. If he is not the one who quoted you the lowest price, call him up. Let him know that you can get the same work done at a different shop for a cheaper price. It is not uncommon for Auto Body Repair shops to price match other shops in order to get more business. If the highest quality shop will do this, you have just saved money on auto body work with just a few simple steps. If he does not agree to lower his price, it is your decision as to whether you want to pay a little more or allow the cheapest mechanic to repair your car.


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