How to Get Social Security Disability in Tulsa, OK

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How to Get Social Security Disability in Tulsa, OK

Most people work hard every day to support themselves and their families. Serious injuries and illnesses can cause a person to become unable to continue to work, which can make it impossible for them to support themselves or their families. Fortunately, the federal government can provide benefits for those who become disabled. Unfortunately, the process for getting Social Security Disability in Tulsa, OK can be long and complicated.

What Is Social Security Disability?

Similar to retirement benefits offered by the Social Security Administration, Social Security Disability in Tulsa, OK are benefits that are paid monthly for those who have become disabled. The Social Security Administration defines a disabled person as someone who is unable to work due to a medical cause that is expected to last at least a year or result in death. These individuals qualify for these benefits. Unfortunately, many qualified applicants are denied these benefits.

Denial of Benefits

The majority of applicants are denied at the first attempt at receiving benefits. The main cause for this denial is incomplete applications. Often, all the information needed by the Social Security Administration was not properly provided or there are missing or incomplete medical records. An attorney can help with the initial application of these benefits to ensure all information and medical records are complete and submitted error-free to reduce the chance of denial.

Appealing a Decision

If the benefits are denied, the decision can be appealed. This will have the information reviewed and give the applicant an opportunity to submit new information for their case. This process can be complicated and long. An attorney can assist in helping clients understand the process, as well as their rights. They can even help continue the appeals process to a federal judge to ensure qualified applicants get the benefits they deserve.

Social Security Disability is a program that every worker pays into. This program is to provide protection from poverty when a person becomes disabled. Unfortunately, the process for receiving these benefits can be difficult. An attorney can help navigate the legal process and compile all the medical and personal information needed to complete the process. Visit for more information or to schedule an appointment.