How to Choose a Provider of Truck Wraps in Long Island

by | May 21, 2014 | Business, Signs

If you have decided you want to use truck wraps in Long Island for advertising purposes, you have made a good choice. However, it is important to choose the right company to help you. The wraps should be made of quality material and should be able to withstand the elements properly. Therefore, it’s important to find a good company with which to work.

Customer Service

This is a big issue for many companies. You want to ensure that the provider you use is willing and able to understand your business. Most companies don’t realize this is important, though as the provider is only creating something you asked them to create. However, questions should be asked of your business and the type of people you want to target. They should also find out your goals for the wrap and why you want to wrap your truck in the first place. The provider in Long Island should be willing to start a conversation and really want your business to succeed.

Their Process

It is okay to ask the provider about their process to learn more and make sure they can handle your needs. Many of these providers are small shops that might not have the tools or equipment necessary to do the job right. Therefore, when searching for companies, ask the provider if a team member will be assigned to your account. Call your assigned staff member to find out if they will answer or return your call in a timely manner. Ask them to explain the process of design, color proofing, installation and printing. After the initial call, you will be able to find out if they send you a follow up email, ensuring they are respectable and care about your business.


Some companies like to design their own truck wraps, but don’t have the tools necessary. Even if you sketch a simple design, the provider should be able to recreate that design for a wrap that will look good and be what you want.

If you can’t design your own wrap, they should be able to ask you specific and targeted questions to find out what you want, including graphics and colors. They should use professional designers that have the experience and skill required to handle these projects. Go online to the provider’s website and look at previous designs. A well-respected provider will have designs showcased.

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