How Rosacea Treatments in Barrington, IL Work

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You may have always dreamt of having clear, beautiful and healthy-looking skin. Instead, you have a Rosacea, which may often cause you to experience great embarrassment whenever you leave your house. Fortunately, there are Rosacea treatments in Barrington, IL that may improve your appearance and your self-confidence.

Rosacea symptoms come in different forms. One type is that your skin may constantly be red. Another type is bumps and pimples in the affected areas. If you have Rosacea around your nose, the skin may appear larger that it should normally. Finally, if you have Rosacea around your eyes, you may experience irritation, stinging and burning around the area. Additionally, you may also experience swelling and red patches on your face. Without treatment, symptoms can worsen. Rosacea not only prevents you from looking your best, it can also be a physically uncomfortable skin condition.

During Rosacea treatments in Barrington, IL, a physician may use special technology to remove visible blood vessels from your skin by using laser energy to heat the area. This technology may also improve your skin tone, potentially eliminating the redness that is caused by Rosacea. This is a precise technology that often allows the laser to be directed only to those parts of your skin that need the treatment. However, for extra safety, you may be required to wear glasses or safety shield, so that your eyes are not harmed during the procedure.

After experiencing Rosacea treatments in Barrington, IL, your skin may be pink for a little bit. However, that will usually go away eventually. Your physician may give you specific instructions to avoid sun exposure on the treated area. You will usually need to use a sunscreen with high SPF or cover the area completely. You may also receive special cream that you would need to use on the treated area. How and when you should use the cream will usually be explained to you by the physician. To get the most of your Rosacea treatments, it is extremely important that you follow the physician’s direction.

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